View Full Version : Explosions

04-27-2003, 11:52 AM
I would like to see native support (if that is possible for LW anymore) for blowing things up. I cant find any effective method to do so, and have had to use hand animations for some very heavy scenes.

Of course if somone could point me at a good plugin (i allready have SGexp) I would be most gratefull.

Many thanks.


04-28-2003, 12:23 AM
I doubt that it would be possible. There are several reasons why.

a) There is a million way to blow things up.

b) The important thing is, that normally no one models his models with real thickness and volume - you generally only model the visible outer surface. Exactly this would be required if you wanted an automated explosion. Even then you would have to assign certain extra properties to surfaces since glass explodes differently from e.g. metal.

c) LW Layout has no procedural object class that would allow for such a thing.

d) No other program has it. Even in high end progs like Maya this is still a complex process of doing many things manually, but at least they have decent dynamics and provide a few tools to split things up.

So as a final conclusion I would say, the best thing we could hope for is fully integrated dynamics that would at least handle the motion and collisions.