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06-22-2005, 11:43 AM
1. VGA out to RGB CRT in live mode looks fuzzy. Not sure why. All monitors are set to 1024x768. (The preview/monitor window in the application is too small to see/guage the input quality). When setting VGA output to "active", the image is much sharper, almost identical to the presentation labtop.

2. Capture quality of iVGA also looks fuzzy/muddy. When capturing PPT from external labtop via 4' crossover cable, the resulting avi quality (when viewed via MP) is unacceptable. Is this a limitation of the 100Mbps connection?

3. When using media capture from camera, both via firewire, and S-video, the image quality is good. But I noticed the codec was MS_DVD at 1500kb, while the iVAG screen capture was NT_Codec at 3.5kb. What gives?


06-22-2005, 12:13 PM
OK, I connected a projector to the VGA and I get the same issue. The image, when going from "active" to live (by deselecting "active"), scales up and becomes fuzzy! I though the video was 1024x768 throughout? What am I missing?


Paul Lara
06-22-2005, 02:47 PM
I though the video was 1024x768 throughout? What am I missing?

You're not missing anything, Pete.
That is what happens when you get video that's a native 752x480 and up-rez it to 1024x768. It has to interpolate pixels that don't exist, and the image gets softer.

06-22-2005, 08:24 PM
I see. It's scaled on output via the switcher. I was expecting only the video to be scaled, and not the desktop/apps, etc.

Unfortunately, in my case, it's not going to resolve my issue with capturing PPT's via iVGA. The resultant compressed file creates text that is hard to read, and certainly would not survive a recompression/render in post. I'll have go back to importing TIFF's or capturing uncompressed via the VT.

Tommorrow we'll be testing the webcast portion, course this is dependent on our network, etc. I'm not sure if webex (what we use now) will be suitable, as the voice will be handled via phones, and video may get out of sync, etc.


06-23-2005, 03:04 PM
Tried the webcasting thing. We had issues with finding the PPT host pc (sure it's something to do with our network). Connecting direct via cross-over works. However, webex doesn't have the best video connection (tried that already with the VT as a push, since Tricaster requires a pull).

When just using our in-house LAN/T1, video image quality was good, and audio was in sync, but a 15sec delay shoots down the interactivity for live meetings, etc. It best to phone-in on a webex and use static images with PPT. The PPT images are too corrupt or unreadable when used live during the webcast.

We have a dedicated streaming service, but ran out of time to see what the resultant image would look like. However, based on our upload speed, and the outside server, I would have expected slightly less image quality and a longer delay -further compounding interactivity.

I can see where this would serve full time webcasting for one-way viewing such as internet TV, or church services for the homebound where a delay is not an issue.

It just doesn't fit my needs for live conferencing, etc.