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04-27-2003, 10:34 AM
Well, after being hungry for a few hours and realizing it's raining too much to go to the shower to get something to eat, I decided to model something to print out and digest on. However, I still don't find the image as delicious as it could be, mostly because I lack the knowledge to get these Smarties to look fairly realistic:

http://hem.passagen.se/chruser99/SmartiesRounder.txt (Slightly more grain, "added" simply by using Medium rather than Enhanced Medium AA)

Oh, and here's an image I used for inspiration. I just don't get the bumps to to work well enough:


04-27-2003, 11:43 AM
Well there are 3 basic problems:

a) the curvature isn't ok. All your Smarties look far too flat. It's like they consist of the sugar covering only and do not contain any chocolate. Give them some more volume.

b) They look too regular. Give them at least some bump map to get small variations.

c) You colors are too intense. Keep in mind that the coating really is only white sugar glazing with a super thin layer of color on it. Push your colors a bit into the whiteish range. Also there would be slight variations in the color layer causing sometimes smears and other irregularities.


04-28-2003, 01:29 PM

They are not perfectly round. They actually look like little bolts or something. Try uping the detail level, or make several 48 or 96 segment skittles and place them in the forground...

Course, if you are going to move them through this piece and they will never be still, they should be okay...

I definately agree with the bump map... a turbulance or fractile texture should do the trick... also, place one in the backround...

I'd raise the specularity as well... go out and buy some Skittles <regular, nor the sour or tropical flavor... they won't work. ;-) > and look at them.

There is a definate sheen to them, and look and see the shape of the hi-lite. That is where the surface structure will become very noticeable...


Happy Confectionary!