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06-15-2005, 03:04 PM
OK, here's the weird one I've been dealing with for the past several days,
since I started spending a lot of time learning the IK Booster and rigging.
I also used the sample mentioned above about the Null with 5 Bones,
which worked out fine on my end, but in this example of mine it does this
no matter what bone rig setup or scene I'm working with.


As you can see in the image, if bones have IK Enabled and you also are using
the IK Booster, when you select a bone by clicking on the bone "right in the
Layout window", it will show whatever the last bone was that you had
selected earlier in whatever mode you were in and will NOT change to
reflect which bone you are currently selecting.
Make sense?
Sure is strange and weird.
Because as you can see, the current selected bone, is in reality,
Bone(5) and NOT Bone(2), as shown by the yellow arrows.
You can go on to select other bones from the Layout window and it still won't
change what is displayed down at the bottom in the Current Item selection button.
Now, "IF" you Disable the IK, then things work as expected.
And of course, it also works as expected if you don't use the IK Booster.

Try this and have fun :)

.................................................. ........md :)
And of course, this is completely recreatable.

BTW, I'm kinda having fun weeding out these bugs with recreatable scenarios ;)

Yea also you can select the other way around and it will update IK booster. Scroll through the object drop down and it will update IK booster but clicking in the window does not update the scroll list.

Probably more of a feature request than a bug. I noticed this right off too.

What is really needed is feedback on what you have selected in the window and in the current config that is missing.

So yea, good one.

I'll copy this here and put it int the feature request.