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06-13-2005, 10:14 PM
One day I had to make 20 ScreamerNet files by hand, I made them wrong too. So I wrote this to do it all for you. It is based off of Matts tutorial, so once made they will be looking for the job files in "dir"\"your lightwave folder"\screamernet_command, just like in Matts tutorial. Config files also follow Matts tutorial.

Scream Name - This is the name you want the .bat files to be named, when it output them it will add a "_(number).bat", so in this case, just put in "screamernet" to get "screamernet_1.bat

Save To - Go to select, this will let you pick the folder to save all the files it will output to. Make sure you save to a folder where all the nodes can see so you will only have to go to the folder on each node to open up screamernet.

Root Path - Go to select, this is where you point it to your main lightwave directory. An example is "Z:\Program Files\LightWave [8]", you'll want to make this directory accesable over the network, so use a network drive or folder.

Number of Nodes - Picks how many nodes you want outputted

From there just hit generate, it should spit them out for you ready to go. :)

This is somthing I made one night, I wrote it in C#. I'm new to programming, so if there are any errors just tell me and I'll try to fix them right away.

If you use this, come back and tell me! I'd like to hear I did somthing someone somewhere would use(or try)!

After reviewing Matt's tutorial, there are some differences. Mine is based more off of lightwave being on a shared drive seen by all. I don't have config files sepereate for screamernet. I will make a tutorial for it if anyone asks(just one person). But you should be able to figure it out if you know screamernet and you're just looking for a way for less work.