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06-13-2005, 05:12 PM
hello I am trying to comeup with a way to make the camera fly towards the horizon line following a bridge that also goes all the way to the horizon line and I am wondering if anyone has worked with something this big before, I mean can I even make an animated poligon that goes all the way to the horizon line (ocean-water poligon)? if anyone has done this before (a horizon line and the camera flying towards it) can you give me a few tips?

06-13-2005, 06:01 PM
Just the first thing that comes to mind, not knowing your intended setup exactly is that you would simply place a null at the horizon line and with Camera selected "m" brings up the motions panel chose the null as the target.

This would keep it pointed at the horizon assuming that's what you wanted to do. As far as animating it toward the horizon. I am not dure what you are trying to accomplish but simplistically create a key at or beyond your end frame and place the camera at the desired point on the horizon, then pull it back to your first frame, create a key there.

Then you have your basic set up, camera moving at the horizon and always pointed to it(the null).

Now if you want to make adjustments to the camera inbetween(Sway back and forth, up or down etc.) you do that after you set up your basic vector (the end point or target point at the horizon).

The water plane would simply go out to a specified place on the "horizon" and this could be infinately far if need be. Just place the null there.

The target null is optional based on what you are trying to accomplish witrh your camera.

Also depends if you are trying to force perspective, otherwise an extremely large evel polygon l with a null at 10 meters high and the camera at 10 meters high though out the animation would give a natural perspective effect and appear to be pointed toward an infinate point due to the (normal lense setting) camera perspective. As long as the distance was never met.

For instance you could say have the plane stretch 10 miles long. The end of the animation is at 2 miles. That is where your null and end frame are. (ten meters high as an example) The plane would still appear to be going of infinately at the end of the animation.

Otherwise tilting the plane would "force" the idea of perspective for an animation of with objects of a shorter distance. You get the idea.

Not sure what you are trying to do. Hope this helps.

06-13-2005, 06:26 PM
can you do a rough sketch of what you are trying to do?

06-13-2005, 06:43 PM
I regularly use top-view (shortcut "2") for dealing with really big things. By changing the grid size (shortcut "]" to enlarge, "[" to reduce") you can make the view encompase your entire huge object. The maximum grid size is 5 Mega-meters per unit, so if it's bigger than that, can't help you. Zooming in and out (shortcut "." to zoom in, "," to zoom out) allows you to close in or widen the view, which combined with the Center button (upper-right corner, looks like a crosshair) is really handy.

So, I'd do the following:

1) Load your bridge
2) Select the Camera
3) Position to the beginning of the bridge
4) Select top view (shortcut "2")
5) Press the Center button to center the Camera (upper right, looks like a crosshair)
6) Press "]" repeatedly to increase grid size until your entire bridge is in view, or at least the portion you want to traverse.
7) Select the last frame of your animation. Left-arrow from frame zero works great.
8) Position the Camera to the end of the Bridge. Zoom in or reduce grid size to fine-tune the positioning.
9) If the bridge isn't straight down the Z-axis, either align the Camera with the path manually (Heading only, probably), or use "Align to Path" for Heading and Pitch under the Controllers and Limits tab of the Motions panel (shortcut "m").

Have fun! Zoom zoom zoom!