View Full Version : 8 requests for 8

04-26-2003, 03:34 PM
1. Completely configurable interfaces and viewports with docking options. Also Matts VX idea to integrate the grapheditor directly into the timeline (similar to Messiah) seems a very logical thing to do.

2.Radically enhanced joint deformation control!!!
After all the Smartskin requests over the last years i feel a little shy to bring it up again, but it is a major pint.
We all know that with sweat and patience it can be done with weights, morphs and expressions. Now take away the need for the sweat and the patience so that only the "be done" part stays;-)

3. Full After IK awareness for all components (Expressions)

4. Speed up everything, OpenGL and deformations.

5. Better sliders with direct multichannel binding. (While we are at it, the option to show/hide sliders on a per VP basis would be nice)

6. Itemshape for bones and lights,too.

7. !ALL! keyframe options directly editable on the motionpath in Layout. Itīs a waste of time to have to go to the graph editor for every tiny adjustment.

8. FULLY integrated soft and hard dynamics, taking advantage of the wonderfull weights. It should be faster and easier to set up clothing than it is now.

Looking forward to this one!