View Full Version : Compositing

06-13-2005, 09:10 AM
I use C4D to import my scenes and export to AE for 3D compositing.

Al street has some plugins that are good but not half as easy as the C4D export.

A huge thanks however to Al for making these plugins that have saved me and thousands of LW users.

Now I'm playing with tracking software and it would be really nice if LW could export nulls from a tracked sceen to modeler.

So often I have to hunt down plugins or lscripts that users create out of nessecity.

Newtek please I feel there are some really basic things missing. like good compositing tools.

Maxon has really impressed me with their ability to go from app to app. this seems like forward thinking to me.

Hire AL Street have him write the compositing tools for LW 9.