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Orb Games
06-11-2005, 12:25 AM
hi me and a few mates are as some may know are making a game sort of like a online versino of gta but you pick which gang you want to be in i am making some models right and well i am having a fex problems with some textures o have one texture ( i got from members freebies on this site) and well i came out looknig stuffed i also got some other textures from other sites and they are stuffed to so is there any way that any of you guys could tell me where i can get some cool looknig concrete, brick, tin roof and general roof tiles, and some other cool textures from.

thanks guys if you would like to find out for info on the game or if you would like to have a look at some modles so far go to www.orb-games.co.nr the forum is also a good place to look at.

06-11-2005, 02:00 PM

here's a good place for some free stuff and references

free textures (http://www.imageafter.com/index.php) :cool: