View Full Version : Cycler Question

06-10-2005, 10:27 PM
I have two nulls, one named Controler and the other Rotation to learn the controls of Cycler.

I have the Cycler Modifier Assigned to the Rotation.H channel of the Rotation null in the Modifiers tab of the Graph Editor.

I have its controler as the X position of the Controler null.

I have tried all combinations and can not get it to "cycle" as the name implies it always stops after it has completed it's 360 rotation cycle which is set to frame 10.

Not getting much from the manual on Cyvler I took what was given on Cyclist to fill in the blanks. I got Cyclist to work but not Cycler.

As you can see with an offset of 1 M it does delay the roation but it just stops after 360.

Even with the cycle frame set beyond 10 - which it shouldn't be anyway but...

What did I miss?