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06-10-2005, 02:36 PM
Hi guys.
Does any one knoes how to copy the values of a Subpatch map into a new color map.

My intention is to make the tip of the spikes show a diferent color from the color of object in a gradual manner.



06-10-2005, 04:32 PM
One solution to kick around...

I assumed you wanted the subweights as you have them there.

The first pic I just threw up a quick and dirty sample of what you did.

The second pic is the result of tranasfering a Subpatch weight to a weighmap and using it as the input peramiter in a gradient.

Quick steps:

Copy your subpatch weight and give it a new name.

Map/EidtMaps/Copy Vertex Map

(for some reason the default subpatch weight did not show up in the next step)

Select Map/Weights/SubPToWeight select your new copied subpatch weight from the list and enter a name for the newly created Weight Map.

Send to layout and set up a gadient with the input peramiter as weightmap:

SurfaceEditor/Your Surface Selected/[T] Bottton/LayerType-Gradient/Input peramiter/WeightMap

Select Your Weightmap from the list.

Click on the gradient to create a new slider key and click on the color square to change the color.

Play with the gradient keys and color values to get a desired result. (thrid pick a different angle and different gradient settings)

You can expiriment with other imput peramiters other than Weight Map as well such as slope.

Also for more control you could make each of those 3 Sub Patch Weight areas a separate map by copying the map three times and using the air brush to erase the other two areas respectively or just start over to give you three wiehgts to use for each area and have three gradients controlling for more flexability.

Maybe you'll come up with something better or another will have an idea that works better - as is usually the case and then I learn too - but this is just one idea in that direction.

06-10-2005, 04:55 PM
Thank you very much for such a good answer!
Im now experimenting with layers, and things are much more fun than before when I couldnīt get on the right track by myself.

Ofcourse if somebody else has a different approach, its more than wellcome to share it.



06-10-2005, 05:43 PM
No prob, we'll see what you come up with and any other ideas that surface...er no pun intended.