View Full Version : Bandwidth Usage

06-09-2005, 02:01 PM
Hello, I am the hostmaster for an ISP that does webhosting in Alaska. I have a customer who is interested in using the Tricaster to stream to a website that we would host. However, the concerns I have are twofold.

1) does the tricaster use a special port for uploading, or just standard FTP options?

2) Bandwidth is a concern. Most ISP in Alaska have a bandwidth cap on their dsl or cable modem, how much would the Tricaster (or similiar technology such as VT) use of the customers bandwidth while uploading, just examples, such as so many megs/gigs per minute/hour.

3) Bandwidth of the webserver. There is a soft cap on bandwidth with the server hosting the site also. Does anyone have any examples of usage for this also?

Thanks for any help you can provide