View Full Version : Lightwave crashes when turning on caustics

04-26-2003, 06:09 AM
Please take a look at the picture below:

there are three lights in the scene, the volumetric spotlight, a small pointlight above the cube, and a narrow, but strong spotlight straight above the cube, which produces the reddish spot under the cube.

As soon as I turn on "affect caustics" for the narrow spotlight and try to render, Lightwave crashes. (Win2K, Total crash, even the mouse is locked, forcing me to reboot the computer).

btw.: any time after loading the scene, when trying to calculate the motion of the cube, I'm greeted with a "can't scan objects" by MD... I have to go into the md-properties-panel/surfaces and re-enter the properties of the two cube-surfaces (inner- and outer surface, Motion Designer appearently is'nt saving it's settings properly). Then, strangly, MD works.

I'm sure it's a hard task to produce a program like lightwave, and I know users of other packages have their own problems. But honestly, I would suggest that Newtek should release lightwave 7.5c as a free upgrade ... - after a *MAJOR* bughunt.

04-26-2003, 11:56 AM
I've found the "evildoer". It's the SymbiontLWShader that I use for the floor. It crashes LW when caustics is turned on.