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02-14-2003, 05:07 PM
Full Day of LightWave Training at Creative Cow West 2003
Brought to You by ClassOnDemand.net

Wednesday, February 19th, 2003
9am to 5:30pm

For those who use NewTek's LightWave, Creative Cow West have brought in arguably one of the very best and brightest in the world of LightWave -- Lee Stranahan. Lee has worked with many of the top broadcast and cable networks, in film and on the television series Space: Above & Beyond. Lee is one of the true masters of LightWave and here's your chance to spend a day with Lee for just $99 -- thanks to our friends at ClassOnDemand.net who are sponsoring this session. Joining Lee will be LightWave legend Larry Schultz. If you have ever wanted to spend a day in a LightWave Master Session with some of the true Lightwave greats, here is your chance.

This one day class will reveal NewTek's amazing LightWave 3D. Thanks to our friends at ClassOnDemand.net, noted effects guru Lee Stranahan will teach users at every level how to create better 3D graphics and animations quicker by using LightWave's amazing toolsets. You'll learn tips and techniques for creating motion graphics, visual effects, still images - including things like customizing LightWave, hidden plug-ins, modeling tricks, multi-pass rendering, and much, much more!

Click here to register now: http://creativecow.net/cow_conference/.


Secrets of LightWave
LightWave 3D is known industry-wide for having one of the best polygonal modelers on the market. This class will show you how to harness LightWave's modeling power.

Customizing LightWave
LightWave 7.5 gives you the ability to easily customize the interface to your liking. This class will show you how to work more efficiently, plus it will give you an overview of some of the great (and free!) add-ons available for LightWave.

Power Plug-Ins For LightWave 3D
Get a look at some of the incredible third party plug-ins for LightWave 3D. You'll learn which plug-ins will give you the most bang for the buck, and add astounding new capabilities to LightWave.

Expressions & Scripting In LightWave:
The power of LightWave's expressions and LScript is for everyone; in this class, you'll learn to save time and increase your capabilities by creating your own custom tools.

Creating Short Spots and Graphics with The Video Toaster [2]:
NewTek's Video Toaster 2 is an editing powerhouse, with real time effects, but did you know how to unlock the graphics power inside the Toaster? You'll learn about the features like the Toaster's keyframeable real-time blurring and color correction.

Visual FX with LightWave, Video Toaster And Digital Fusion:
The combination of the Toaster, LightWave, and Digital Fusion give effects artists a an unbeatable combination on the desktop. You'll learn how to integrate 2D and 3D particle system, chroma keying, and other effects tricks into your next production.

Logo Creation And Motion Graphics With LightWave, Video Toaster And Digital
Fusion: TV shows like Access Hollywood use LightWave and the Toaster to create eye popping logo graphics and visual effects. This class will teach you the tricks that motion graphics artist use to create amazing text effects on a time budget.