View Full Version : hand animation motion mixer freak out_help?

06-08-2005, 07:17 AM
I have a rigged character, forward K throughout (no IK). I have an animation i am using with motion mixer, 2 actors, one for each hand containing all the finger bones. I'm animating by setting up an animation and using 'weight curves' to animate in and out of the pose.

This works great for a fist that opens and closes a lot, BUT after i close out LW and restart the file again the animation/motion is crazy, the bones are all out of place and make the hand look like its got run over by a tanker truck. Don't know why this happens when i restart, i see there is a 'bake motion' option. Does anyone know if could solve my issue.


Does anyone know a better method to animate a hand (group of bones) quickly and easily or know of some box i need to check to get this method to work right?


(LW 8.3, OS 10.4, dual 2.3G5)

[edit] sorry, realize this should be in the LW support section