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06-07-2005, 10:21 PM
I'm looking to purchase a house that can be rendered (from the outside) to be near-photo-real.
I have searched TurboSquid, but the picking there are kind of slim. They're a fallback plan.
Looking for a single-story city-house. Something you'd find in Southern California that might be purchased by a couple middle-class yuppies (do we still use that term?)
Any suggestions? I'd be most happy to trade money for model with a member of this forum, but if I shoud search a pro-purchase site, I'll do what I have to do.
Thanks for all suggestions and advice!

06-08-2005, 05:00 AM
You might have a look at this.

Dosch Design (http://www.doschdesign.com/e_product/index.php?action=showproduct&id=88&line=)


06-08-2005, 08:56 AM
shoot me an e-mail maybe I can help. :)

These homes were done for a southern Cal Architect perhaps I could modify one to suite your needs.

06-08-2005, 09:02 AM
I have a few houses you can buy...
Is single storey ground floor plus one floor on top, or only ground floor?
after emailing wade, you can email me if you wish.

06-09-2005, 09:28 AM
Great info! Thanks very much one and all! I looks like Wade's models are spot on to what I was looking for.
IF this project comes out like I want it to, I'll post the results here. It should be amusing, if nothing else.
(Wade, I'm not sure if the "private" note I sent you got through, can you please jot me a note to [email protected]?)