View Full Version : Perspective Viewport Gimbal Lock

06-07-2005, 01:39 PM
Since upgrading from v7.5 to v8.3, my mouse (and tablet) act very "hot" in the perspective viewport.

The view gyrates wildly and before I know it I'm stuck directly above or below. The rotate viewport control can't get me out of this gimbal lock.

What could be wrong (I have an optical 2button+wheel usb mouse, standard mappings... same problem with an old wacom tablet)?

Dell workstation, winxp_pro...

I've looked in the documentation but no luck.

Ideas? Thanks.

06-07-2005, 03:22 PM
I have found that when I have this problem, I zoom out a little and then rotate, then zoom back in.

Not assuming you don't know but just in case some other tips:

In Layout of course the center on current item icon(circle with cross hairs) is helpfuf to reset the pivot point of the perspective rotation to an item such as an object or bone etc. (click once to set and click again to release leaving pivot assigned)

I also find the keyboard shortcuts more flexible - especially for this problem. Again not assuming you don't know but here they are anyway:

Alt LMB Rotate Pitch Heading (RMB Bank) Bank might help get out of those jams
Ctl Alt LMB Zoom in Zoom out
Alt Shift LMB Move XZ (RMB Y)

Some of these combos actually work in the graph editor as well and the Alt LMB works to scrub the timeline/dopetrack in Layout.