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06-04-2005, 04:07 AM

(sorry for my very bad english language...)

i'm LW user from vs 6.5b to last v8.3 and recently i have discovery ZBrush2, a very powerful and revolutionary tool.
The LW modeling and rendering capabilities with extreme dectailed painting of ZB give some fantastic results and, with humbleness, i think that's one of the best tool combinations for great graphics working (i'm an illustrator-designer with 3d-graphic-imaging interests...)
This 2 software works well together but there is various imprecise artifacts in displacement and normal maps conversions...
there is a couple of free plugins for this features but often it don't give me the desired precise results...
i had tried "zwave", "normal displacement (external)" and "16bit tiff grayscale loader": frequently the results don't give me satisfaction...
Please, can You think about more feature improvements in LW workspace for direct connections to displacement and normal maps (16 bits also...) generated in ZB?
i know there is too much softwares and everyone have a request about own interests but i hope my wish is the same for many people...

Thank You Very Much.

06-05-2005, 01:39 AM
yap a better Lw z brush connection has to be considered. Z wave, wich is way cool because lets u import UVs from your zb object and apply them on your Lwo object, could be put in Lw directly as options in the toolset.same for Lynx plugs btw. however, they're free.

Following the great Steve Warner tutorial and using lynx plugins you get good results.
notice that to have good amount of detail, normal map is way important, and that u have to subdivide your object a bit for disp map.wich if i am correct is applied also on the bump channel in texture editor.

in ZBC there's also a cool animation u can find in ZBC here : in wich the user modeled a creature in XSI,
but made disp map in Z brush and rendered it in Lw. he obtained a cool results BTW. :)