View Full Version : Backup Drives

06-03-2005, 12:07 PM
I just found a great deal on 400gig SATA drives here.

Being as paranoid as I am, and needing to revisit material for clients from over a year ago, I find backing stuff up is a must. This also helps me from needing a 3rd SCSI aray. :eek:

Just thought some of you with space and backup concerns might want to consider these as an option.

I contacted 5 of my biggest agencies and all but one agreed to pay for them out of their pocket and thought I was a hero for looking out for their stuff! :)

Beware, SATA drives have a "New and Improved" connector. I got the drive enclosures, (Addonics AE5SACSUF) from Comp USA. They have Firewire and USB2 connections for easy connection to your computer.