View Full Version : MD Scan just wont work for me

06-03-2005, 09:43 AM
MD Scan just wont work for me

I'll go though the steps I take one by one.

1. I click on the animated object which I want to be scanned.
2. I go to it's properties
3. under the "deform" tab I click add displacement.
4. I click "MDScan"
5. I double click on it.
6. I set the MDD filename to where I want to save it, leave scan points how it is, my first frame is 0 so I leave that. my last frame is 30 so I leave it at that. I leave framne rate at 1. I leave scanned frame at one.
7. I click Okay
8. I click okay on the box that says "MD Scan start"
9. It scans through. I double click on the MdScan thing to save and click okay.
10. under add displacement I click "MD Plug"
11. I double click on Md Plug.
12. At the top I open the file I just saved.
13. I leave action starts.
14. I leave replay speed.
15. I change End Behavior to reapeat because I want my object to repeat it's action.
16. I leave Key Move.
17. I leave Match-by
18. I change Load limit(frame) to 30 since 30 is my last frame.
19. I click okay.
20. I delete a bone for a test.
21. it doesn't work.

06-03-2005, 11:09 AM
Does your object go into bounding box mode when you scan? Do you have your bounding box threshold set too low? If the object disappears when you press play this may be the case, in which case MDscan won't work. Increase your bounding box threshold and try it again.

06-05-2005, 12:53 PM
yep. I've alresdy done that.