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06-02-2005, 11:08 AM
Class On Demand

Instant VT[4] DVD Training

Class on Demand DVD Training for NewTeks Video Toaster[4] Retails for $99.95

Class on Demand's 2 DVD set,"Instant VT[4]", gets you up to speed quickly and easily on all the key components necessary to set up, switch and monitor a live production and so much more...

You'll also learn to take advantage of the VT[4]s advanced editing features, and be ready to tackle your next project with skill and confidence. Whether you're new to VT, or a seasoned Toaster veteran who just upgraded, this VT training is a must-have! Instructor, Faraz Ahmed will help you use VT[4] to meet your production and post-production needs.

After a walk-through of advanced editing techniques in using VT Edit, you'll receive hands-on instruction during the creation of your own editing project. No need for special project files in order to follow along with these lessons: start learning instantly using the sample content that comes with your VT[4]!

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