View Full Version : Falloff suggestions, compiled, summarized.

06-02-2005, 10:15 AM
I had some scattered falloff ideas, compiling them and posting them. Won't fight over them tho. I only say they will be useful because they will be useful to *me*, ehem.

*Optional Shared Falloff settings across all tools (imagine this like the "use global light on/off" switch at photoshop effect layers) (this is a very nice speed enhancement in my modeling workflow, I am sure you don't use falloffs as much as I do tho, or the way I do.

*Converting your tools falloff to a weightmap with a single click (this will allow sth typical to shared falloff, only this time it will be fixed to the vertex.

*An enhanced "weights" tool that will additive/subtractive/multiplicative modification WITH clamp (clamp configurable, but between 0 and 100 by default) (As you know, weights tool does perfectly work with fallows.) and weights tool should be able to use other weightmaps as falloff, for added convenience!
This would really make high poly weight map editing a BREEZE. I am sure you like the current weights tool as it is tho. Well I say it could be improved.