View Full Version : Toggle tool / polygon select.

06-01-2005, 08:07 AM
It would be helpful in modeling to have, maybe, the Esc key be used to select between the tool being used and polygon/point selection. I constantly have to deselect the tool so I can select / deselect polygons and then reselect the tool. This would certainly increase workflow for me.

06-02-2005, 10:22 AM
Yes, oh yes, yes please!

I agree that it would help make LW workflow abit smoother. (This is one thing I was suprised to see modo hadn't addressed). Being able to toggle the tools on and off with one special key is one way of solving these issues. However I think I'd rather be able to just press and hold down the Shift key and alter the selection without the tool being temporarily disabled at all. We can already alter selections while a tool is active using for example expand and contract selection commands, so atleast there doesn't seem to be any issues with active tools and changing selections.

Perhaps we could have both! Your Tool/Selection-toggle could perhaps be very usefull when you just beveled and notice you missed a polygon. Instead of undoing, one would just press esc (or whatever) add the omitted polygon to the selection, and press esc again to REAPPLY the tool using last used settings. My Shift-to-alter-selection suggestion would not allow such a workflow since the tool remains active, instead it's mainly for speeding up tweaking, allowing you to alter selections using the mouse without having to deactivate the current tool.