View Full Version : Z-buffer errors (white flicker) give bad composit. Anyone else experiencing this?

05-29-2005, 11:07 AM
Hey folks!

I'm rendering my final scenes for my project, and while at it, I also export a Z-buffer (depth) from the "export buffer" command in the imageprocessing tab (ctrl-F8).

I never really had issues but now, when I did my compositing with DOF in Shake, I noticed the blur did some funny things in a couple of frames.

When I checked the Z-buffer frames, I noticed some of them (just a very few, maybe 4 or 5 from 200) have an overall brighter look. (Black is dark grey).

Ofcourse, my DOF settings give a different result for that few frames because the distances are wrong, and so I get a flicker in my endresult.

Weird thing is, I rerendered just the Z-Buffer and the result was different. With other words: These gostframes are still there, but at an other place in the row. This error is at random it seems like...

Anybody else seen this, noticed this? Is there a solution?

For now, I could manually adjust the levels in Photoshop, but this is annoying...