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05-28-2005, 07:21 PM
I'm so pleased/relieved that I just got LW8's Hub to work [after 6hrs of trying] I've written the uninstall/install process I used for anyone who's still banging their head...

[Some of this may not effect LW's install, but it's the exact process that worked for me]

-Uninstall LW - delete folder in "Program Files" if still there
-Delete all config files - document & settings & in "all users" "default users" etc
-Delete Hub Temp files - "local settings" "temp"
-Delete stray license.key files - check WINNT and System32
-Run RegCeaner - best do antivirus and spybot as well
-Turn off any antivirus software
-Run the LW install disk
-INSTALL directly onto the Local Disk C: - NOT in the "Program Files" folder as suggested
-Do not register/enter code at the end of the install - failed to work sometimes [boots up as discovery edition]
-Boot up the "registerlightwave" after the install has shutdown and enter your code
-Boot up modeler and ALLOW it internet access if asked [by antivirus software]
-Boot up layout and ALLOW it internet access if asked [by antivirus software]
-ALLOW the hub internet access if asked [by antivirus software]
-Close down all programs then reboot and all should be good....

I reckon some antivirus software may be confusing, McAfee still seems to check program access even when you "EXIT" the software, which I guess is not the same as turning off...? Best check program access within the antivirus software before re-installing...?

08-27-2005, 12:55 PM
Boy that just saved my life :)
Thanks, thanks, thanks and...thanks again.