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05-25-2005, 07:18 AM
Hey guys,
one of our clients, who is shooting a film project locally, has asked:

"I would like some advice on shooting a scene for a film we're working on.
This scene involves bikers being swarmed by a hoard of
mosquitos. I'm imagining that this swarm will be created using
computer graphics. The specific question I have for you is what should
I be aware of (in terms of cinematography) when a scene involves
computer graphics? Should I keep a certain distance between the
subjects and the camera? Should I light the scene a certain way? I'm
not sure where to start. Any advice whatsoever is greatly appreciated."

So, any of you with film experience, id appreciate it if you could share some of your working knowledge with us.

Thanks in advance


05-25-2005, 08:26 AM
What is it being shot on? HD/Film or SD?
hopefully it is hd/film because you are going to need to track the
It would be best if you took notes on the light positions and their
Since this shot is going to need to be tracked I would try to shoot it where you have a fair amount of stationary objects in view, the ground for example, as this is going to be what is referanced for tracking. Depending on what the scene is like
(what kind of stationary surroundings) you may also need to put down some tracking "markers"... Tennis balls should work.
If you have a lot of tight close-ups etc. they may be difficult to track, especially if you are shooting on a long lens and have a very shallow DOF.
If it is shot on SD I would put the camera on a steady-cam or dolley etc to try to keep down some of the shake. With HD/Film this won't be a problem. Also higher shutter speeds help get a clean image(less motion blur) for tracking.
You need to know the film size and the focal length you are shooting it at.
Would be a good idea to get the aperature setting.
The more measurements you can get the better. Camera height, Distance to subject etc.