View Full Version : Any way to bake all motion of my whole scene?

05-23-2005, 06:20 PM
I've got a few hundred items being controlled by motion lscripts (simple lscripts that set the position and rotation controls only), but as I add more and more of these items it takes a really long time to frame change, and due to some funny Lightwave-FPrime interaction, it takes 2-5 minutes for FPrime to increment frames.

Is there a way (in LW or with a plugin, doesn't matter) that will allow me to bake out all the position and rotation keyframes?

When I try to bake zones with the dopesheet baker, it makes keyframes for everything but doesn't take into account the motion lscript I had, so when I disable the lscript after baking all the keyframes everything moves to the origin.

I had a hard time getting the motion baker modifier to work (I guess I have to use the extra controls, step through the shot, deactivate the motion lscript, and copy the extra controls back into the real ones?), but in any case it is impractical to add the motion baker to each item individually anyways.

I guess what I am looking for is a LW command or plugin that will step through my scene, evaluate all the motion controls and modifiers for every object in my scene, bake those out into translation/rotation/scale values, and rip out all the motion modifiers (IK, lscripts, etc.)

Anybody know of such a thing?