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05-22-2005, 09:38 PM
Intuitively, one would switch cameras during a scene in Layout. Does anyone render a whole scene with each camera, then edit externally to LightWave?

05-22-2005, 11:18 PM
I don't know if anybody does this but there are a couple of reasons why it would not be a good way to work.

The foremost is it would be expensive on render times as you would basically redering X (number of cameras) times the material - if I understood you correct.

This would give you a high render to final output ratio.

In Traditional filmmaking this is considered your shooting ratio. How much footage shot in relation to program length.

One other would be lighting which should be set up to optimize for each shot, really, for the best results,

Depending on your situaltion as for as the lighting goes and in a perfect world of having plenty of time to render, it would be a cool thing to be able to have full control at the editing stage and pick and choose.

On a case by case basis this might be a good way to work in some situations.

The most efficent way to work however, wold be to plan every shot and then give yourself pently of bookends to workwith.

This is common in conventional cinematograohy as well. Overlapping coverage from different angles. However in CGI this would be mainly to give you flexibility in timing and in and out points.

With DV this blew wide open the concept of having to be conservative with your shooting ratio for an indi film. It is a godsend to have the scene from many angles all the way through when at the editing stage.

However, CGI is another thing entirely. If you find you need another angle, just go and render it. Beter yet plan ahead.

Traditional animation and CGI animation share one thing in common - limited rescources.

Everything is uslually planned to the frame in advance.

Bringing traditional editing experience to the table in either is a great help to being able to do such planning.