View Full Version : FF VT2 'no hours' w/LW6.5 Full 4 Sale

05-22-2005, 11:19 AM
Hi folks,
I have an original Frame Factory (ser# under 700350), that I purchased after selling my Toaster 4000. There are less than 10 hrs. use on VTNT as I am doing all audio now. I also paid for the full LW6.5, which comes in the box, with never used CD and manuals. All chips have been updated to VT2 through VideoLink in Toronto. Never reinstalled after hardware upgrade. (just to test and then removed) I have both the original FF CD and the Toaster CD. Gotta sell so I can update my audio box. I regret letting it go, as I have been using NT products since 'Digiview' (mine's autographed!),but I can't justify having it sitting here doing nothing. Maybe I'll buy another one down the road. OK, I would like $2000.00 for the entire package. Please reply to this post, or call Videolink to talk to a human. 1-800-567-8481 in Canada or (416)690-1690. Videolink will offer support in getting you going, if this is your first Toaster. This is a private sale by a registered NewTek customer and former Videolink employee.