View Full Version : Solution to Cubic Mapping problems in LW/Maxwell

05-20-2005, 05:04 AM
Hi Everybody,

I've had Maxwell render for about 3 days and whilst being VEEEERRRY slow it does get excellent results for small stills.

Many users have had a problem with Cubic maps - here is the solution:-

In Lightwave set the "Reference Object" dropdown to the object you are surfacing - worked for me!

First image - not set (on green chairs), I know it's out of focus but kinda nice.

Second Image - set (on green chairs) - differrent lighting and a few extra bits.

Additionally - I think the workflow would be......

Model (LightWave), Texture (Lightwave / FPrime), Bake (Lightwave/Microwave - if yu can afford it, i can't), Light & Render (Maxwell)