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05-20-2005, 04:29 AM
Hey guys,

I have to mke an animation for a client. I usually dont make animations, so im a bit stuck. It needs to be a widescreen DVD, but I am unsure about the resolution I should choose. Its all a bit confusing. Also, what about the pixel aspect ratio? Should I keep it at one?

I render to frames, from which I will need to make the DVD. How do I go about this? Do I assemble the frames in Lightwave in an uncompressed format, and then use VirtualDub to make it into an Mpeg-2 or something? Then use a DVD authoring tool to burn it to DVD? Any hints?

I did all these things separately, such as making animations to DivX, making DVDs from existing animations and such, but I want the quality to be preserved and would preferably like to avoid rescaling and such.

I am also following a similar thread in the community forum...

Help would be appreciated. Thanks.

05-20-2005, 02:54 PM
The resolution for DVD-legal MPEG2 is 720 x 480. How you prepare the images partially depends on the target display and your encoding and authoring tools. If the client is going to view your work on a true 16x9 widescreen TV or Monitor, set your LW res to 720 x 480 with an aspect ratio of 1.2.

Note that this will look horizontally squashed-- every thing will look too thin. However the widescreen display will stretch it horizontally by 120% (a ratio of 1.2) and it will look good.

If your client is going to view it on a SD display you may want to make a letterbox version. Set your LW res to 720 x 405 with a aspect of 1.0. Then you will need to composite the animation, centered vertically, on a 720 x 480 black background.

You could really impress them and have a both versions on the same DVD, selectable by a menu.

After rendering your stills you will need to encode them to MPEG2 for DVD. This will include the video and audio as separate files.

These files can then be imported into a DVD authoring program for export to a DVD burner (or a DVD image for burning in a app like Nero).

Some consumer level DVD authoring apps have software encoding, so you can skip the previous step-- however I haven't personally used any of these.

One further note: If you are using a consumer level encoder or authoring app with software encoding, you may need to save a movie file from LW instead of an image sequence (if importing image sequences is not supported). Use Video for Windows (.avi) on the PC or Quicktime ( .mov) on the Mac. In the video options select animation as the compressor-- this is a lossless compressor, so the quality will be maintained until the MPEG2 encoding step.

Hope this helps. If not post your specific tools and questions.

05-20-2005, 06:02 PM
Thank you.

I cannot afford renderin it twice, but i can maybe resample it to the letterbox version.
Ill let you know if i have further issues. thanks!