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05-17-2005, 03:49 AM
I'm (currently) running LW8.2 on Win2000 on a PC, but have tested this on 8.01 as well.

If I have a scene with a 'rig' object of skelegons and a 'mesh' object, which come from different model files, Layout keeps forgetting my weightmap assignments.
If I set up the weight maps, either in the scene editor, spreadsheet (when it doesn't crash) or via bone properties, when I save the scene, clear Layout and reload the scene, all mappings are "forgotten" by Layout. The odd thing is, if you open the LWS file in a text editor, the appropriate weight map is listed against each bone.

Now, if you have the rig and the mesh in the same object but different layers, the same thing happens unless you first assign the wieght maps to skeleons within modeller. If you do this, the mapping is remembered between each load of the scene, otherwise it is ignored.
The only time the mapping is stored and recalled consistently is if the mesh and rig are in the same object in the same layer.

Now, I thought we used to be able to utilize any rig / mesh - do replacements, even build rigs in layout with a skeleon object which would honour any appropriately sized / structured mesh.
Or is there some flaw which is causing Layout to ingore the details in the LWS file? Possibly something to do with having the mesh load before the rig object or vice-versa.

I have ensured that hte mesh does look to the rig object for it's bones and once setup - it works fine, just that on re-load it's all hosed and you have to reassign the maps again. Most frustrating.

05-17-2005, 02:10 PM
I don't know if this is going to fix your problem but I had a similar problem just recently. It wound up having to do with having names of the maps and bones being different even though I had changed them to match in modeler.

What happened was I sent the object into layout and even though when the actual bones were renanamed from modeler and they were updated in Layout the result was that the map was missing from that bone even though the bones and the maps still had the same name.

In the the Schematic view the bones retained thier old names. So I right clicked, changed the names and then reassigned the maps and everything was fine on reload after save.

I also noticed that Layout is case sensitve on the names. Just something to look into if the names were different at one point (even though you updated the names) - even slightly by way of upper or lower case.

I only give this as something to check, perhaps a clue in here might give you something to look for as to how Layout is handling the naming or even some other aspect of the scene.

And as far as I know yes, you can import rigs and so on but I would guess things have to be exactly identical or you have to go though and rename things both in modeler and in layout.

Hope this helps in some way.

05-18-2005, 01:57 AM
I hope not, that's a real PITA as I only have a few weight maps and don't want one per bone.
I'm pretty sure this used to work on 7.5C but I'd need to double-check that, don't have it installed at the moment on this PC.

Ok, have tried this in LW7.5C and it is the same - the weightmaps are assigned in the LWS file but ignored once back in Layout. :(