View Full Version : May Newsletter & New Profile

05-16-2005, 03:10 PM
The May issue of the LightWave Newsletter went out today:

Also, this week's LightWave profile is on community member Bob McKain:

Bob McKain, a digital artist with a background in 3D work for an ad agency and as a freelancer, is the founder of LightWave Group (LWG), an independent site and forum for LightWave artists. In addition to providing an area for artists to discuss the use of the application in myriad fields, LWG provides the creative community with a venue for buying and selling LightWave software, plug-ins, tutorials and content. Bob took time out from his busy schedule, working by day as a software testing lab manager and as the director of LWG by any other time, to tell us a little about himself and his favorite spot on the Internet.