View Full Version : LW 8.3 Bug - Flare2Alpha

05-13-2005, 08:56 PM
Don't know if this is the place for bug reports, but here it is...
LW 8.3 bug... or maybe a carry over from previous versions <shrug>.


Applying the FLARE2ALPHA image filter plugin DOES NOT get saved in
the scene file. Not a good thing for network rendering! This one
cost me 8 hrs of rendering time today.


Tracked it down after becoming suspicious that the flare I knew was
rendering just fine was not showing up in the embedded alpha (32-bit
image saver). That's when I killed the screamers, loaded the scene
up in Layout, and discovered the Flare2Alpha was missing in the image
filter slot I knew for sure I had recently applied it and did a test
render in LW. SO, I saved the scene, opened it up in notepad, scrolled
to the bottom, and sure enough... no Flare2Alpha plugin listed.


For fun, I closed LW, added the plugin entry manually in notepad, and
sent it off to a screamer node. Sure enough, it worked! Not go my
flare alpha image saving.