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05-13-2005, 04:56 PM
Ok, heres my request, a make Lightwave fun to work in button.

I have been on a hiatus for the past 5 years from Lightwave for fulltime work. I just got laid off from my previous job, and while looking for another job I have been picking up some freelance work. The past 5 years have been a combonation Max/Maya with nothing but animation done in Maya the past 4 years. I was also about to delve into XSI land right before the layoff, and I used some motionbuilder and messiah in there too for various tasks.

As far as my experience with Lightwave, I have kept a current and updated license from 4.0 through 8.3 as of this week. I am not saying that this that or the other thing can't be done in Lightwave, but to me working in lightwave is a little like biting the inside of your mouth accidentaly while chewing. Over and over and over again.


I am not finding Lightwave the least bit fun to work in anymore. After having done tons of animation in Maya, motionbuilder, messiah, and after playing around in XSI, I cannot see why anyone would want to Animate anything in Lightwave. Try to animate one character in Lightwave, fine, no problem. Many...open can of worms. Slow, slow slow and unforgiving. The kicker is I am not even animating anything with a skeleton right now. I am animating Neurons. about 100-200 of them, fairly low poly. I also have a moving camera and a sphere that is linked to Worleys Acid plug to provide for the painting of an electrical effect. This is something that I would think that LW would accell with, instead its giving me a huge headache.

So here is my request. Newtek, please look at the way other packages, specifically maya and xsi's graph editor work, as well as the open gl, and their undo. Please make some adjustments to Lightwave. I don't think I am the only one here that might be thinking this. Or maybe I am, who knows. I just think these items end up causing the user a great stumblng block on bigger scenes.

One positive thing I would like to say about Lightwave is that it barely crashes on me. Maybe only once or twice in the past couple weeks.

And before anyone asks: I have a dual 1.7 xeon machine, 512 ram a 128 meg geforce fx card. Yes, I know I need more ram. I am probably doing that next week.

05-22-2005, 09:26 PM
I love lightwave but, as i look at some of the other product i say to myself, "you know what would make lightwave awsome, having some of the tools and apps. other programs have like Maya and XSI." Dont get me wrong LW is great and all, but there are things that the guys at LW can do to make this program better for the user and the industry.