View Full Version : Lightwave profile in Quadro drivers

05-07-2005, 03:47 PM
Does anyone technically minded know what difference it makes choosing the Lightwave profile in nVidia Quadro drivers, as opposed to choosing Maya or Softimage instead?

I'm assuming it makes some internal settings only visible at the registry level, but perhaps all it does IS switch off/on a few user level preferences(?)

My other question would probably only be answerable from Newtek; Is the current profile in the nvidia drivers current to the latest versions of Lightwave (since it has had some improvements of late) - or is the profile based on the OGL features of LW6 (or 5.6 even!)?

I have a feeling it would be the latter...

Note: I'm not interested in hearing about "it feels faster...". I've seen the other threads in relation to OGL performance and I couldn't find anything that answered these questions with any authority.

Thanks for any help.