View Full Version : drop down buttons dont work in 2nd monitor

04-24-2003, 09:31 AM
I've got a Jaton geforce2 mx dual-monitor card. On the 2nd monitor everything works fine in Lightwave (and modeller) EXCEPT dropdown buttons! Clicking them in the second monitor does nothing. For instance, If I put my scene editor in the second monitor and click on the "secet" or "favorites" button, they do nothing. I have to bring it back to the 1st monitor for it to work.
What gives? Is this an open gl thing? everything else seems to work fine on the 2nd monitor (even main window) but dripdown button sure don't. Someone throw me a bone here.

Thanks for any help or ideas,

04-24-2003, 02:38 PM
ok, scratch that. After a lot of searching I found someone who mentioned 1 and 2 monitor position effects it. So here's what i found:

Look in the Display Properties/ settings of your OS (win98 for me).

The drop down and pop up menus of Lightwave will only work on the 2nd monitor if it is positioned to the RIGHT of the 1st monitor. I had it on the left. Apperently this make LW think it is negative pixel values and cant display correctly.

That's it. Whew. I been trying to figure this out forever.