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04-24-2003, 08:37 AM
The one killer feature.
An intelligent communicating device.
This device would solve many problems because it would immediately know how to implement many of the requested features for LW users. Essentially most apps today can use most of todayís technology (if its available in Maya or XSI then theoretically LW can do it too, the problem for the LW programmers is not technology but implementation. Users have difficulty accessing and using many features.
Your future skill as a 3D artist will be in your communication with the AI interface.
On level one are the machine coders who build the AI
On level 2 are programmers who adapt incoming commands and provide additional options (this will include the current plug-in developers - the plugin concept was useful but it seems to have run itís time.).
On level 3 are 3D artist who work directly below the modular interface (they ignore it and build their own proprietary models that are then used by level 4 artists (through the AI interface).
On level 4 are 3D artist who create stunning and original works through their adept communication with the AI interface.
I would like to see LW start this process, and they should start with character models and animations. I donít mean samples and presets, I mean an intelligent communicating device within the app.

04-24-2003, 10:01 AM

what are you asking for exactly?

more open architecture so users can customise how the render engine, surface attributes, IK etc. work?