View Full Version : Max polys in modeler?

05-03-2005, 09:55 PM
I'm trying to work with a large model (~1.7 million triangles) and am having a lot of trouble. A few of the problems I'm having are:

-I can read in the model from a Wavefront (OBJ) file, but when I try to, e.g., triangulate it and save it back out to an OBJ, the Modeler hangs (I've waited for over an hour for the thing to save).

-I can save it as an LWO but when I try to read it back in again (or load it into Layout) I get some kind of error and the model doesn't load.

-When I try running it through QEMLoss2 or QEMLoss3 I get an error about halfway through telling me that a face couldn't be created (and then it hangs after that). It doesn't make sense that doing QEMLoss would put me over a max poly limit for the Modeler, though, since it succeeds in making the copy of the original model to a new layer for simplification.

My next step is to run the model through the command line version of QSlim. Unfortunately, the faces from the original file aren't all triangular (and I can't use LightWave to triangulate them because I can't save the file back out again). Does anyone know of a simple utility or free program that will take an OBJ and triangulate it? I've tried bringing it into quick3D (program that converts among a bunch of formats) to save it into a format that only uses triangles, but it gives me an error when loading the file...
I never would have thought a couple million triangles would be so impossible to work with....