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04-28-2005, 04:34 PM
I want to find a good sss shader but I have a few problems. One I do not know how to use them and two I dont know where to get one that produces good results. Any info would be excellent.


04-28-2005, 08:33 PM
Do a search on flay.com in the plugins area. Theres several good plugins like TBs fake skin shader. Theres also a thread on here that discussed SSS in great detail. :)

05-01-2005, 10:53 AM
Thanks for the reply but when I went to dowload it, it was saved as a .lzh and I do not know what that is. How do I get it into LW?

05-01-2005, 12:02 PM
try winrar to unpack it

Captain Obvious
05-01-2005, 01:33 PM
Is there any SSS shader for Mac, except the one in G2?

05-01-2005, 03:57 PM
The Chanlum shader is a great one for SSS like effects.

05-01-2005, 05:39 PM
Alright, I need some more help. I am not a shader guy so I do not know exactly what I am doing. I have dowloaded ska, chanlum and OGO. I load them up and I have no idea what to do next. I have tried all three of these and have not achieved any good results. I am trying to get a realistic skin texture so if somebody could give me some info on one of these, that would be great.


05-02-2005, 06:20 AM
There's little in way of proper documentation for most of these plugins. Reading through the threads about skin shading and, if avilable, these plugins in particular (here and on CGTalk), is probably your best bet for more information on how to use them. There's a wealth of information on the subject out there already, I'd suggest reading up on that first, then you can ask for more specific help on any issues you still haven't been able to solve.

Skin shading is a very complex subject, no plugin on this world is going to help you, if you don't know what it IS you're trying to achieve in the first place. If your CG skin doesn't look at least somwhat convincing without shaders, they're not going to magically make it better. For a good skin, lighting and textures are just as, if not more important than SSS. No shader is going to do your job for you, they can only help you achieve a better, more realistic result. The rest is up to the artist in you... :)

05-02-2005, 09:18 PM
If your using Lightwave 8 there are some examples of skin shades in the presets. Try opening them up by clicking on Widnow -> Presets...

Make sure you have the texture editor open and then in the preset window select organic

Try them out see if any can start you off in the right direction.