View Full Version : Non Full Time IK chain not working if your goal is child of an item you animate

04-26-2005, 04:52 PM
This is an annoying bug. I use non full time IK for IK/FK swaping but if my goals are parented to others items I animate the IK chain will not work any more.
This bug should be fixed.

An improvment of the actual "Full Time IK" / "non Full Time IK" workflow should look like this:

1 On IK chains, when "full time IK" is OFF, add an option (FK Goal Snap) to allow goal to snap at the end of the chain while animating in FK and create a key on this goal. This is not "keep Goal witin Reach" as this will not occure when animating in IK.

2 When auto "key create" is ON and "full time IK" is ON or OFF, add an option to allow the auto creation of rotations keys on all bones in current IK chain while animating it with IK.

3 Add an "envelop" button to "full time IK".

With all this features we could have a real IK Blend on a single IK chain. Just a slider for each Ik chain and voila!