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04-23-2003, 11:31 AM
Okay, I originally asked this in the community forum (I think,) but I was kind of busy at the time and might not have submitted it... here seems more appropriate anyway, now...

In the past year, I encountered several old commodore/amiga commercials in machine readable format on the web. I saved some of them, partly for nostalgia, partly to preserve them. I didn't get them all, though, thanks to my impatience, and one of the ones I did get apparently is incomplete. I've tried surfing again to find them, or any CBM-related commercials, with no luck.
I've been going through the ones I did get for inspiration for LW animations, (an example is a Vic-20 ad with a heavyset guy waggling a non-existant joystick while staring at a goldfish bowl.. ) and I know there were some commercials I vaguely remember but don't have.

I've also, separately, encountered a web site dedicated to commercials; I think it's associated with some advertising organization, but I can't recall which one. They had commercials such as the blue IBM aliens, but I didn't save the URL and can't find that site either. One site I know I got some Vic-20 commercials from, www.CommodoreBillboard.com is apparently down. :(

I managed to find the classic Apple "1984" commercial, on an Apple-related website.
I figured some members here might be aware of advertising or commercial-related sites. Now that I've realised that these ads might be lost, I'm becoming semi-obsessed with finding and preserving them.

So, can anyone give me advice on where I might find these commercials? Is there some advertising museum type site that already preserves them?