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04-23-2003, 11:24 AM
hi, i got a problem after image is rendered. the status bar says :

"freezing object... 1/12"
"freezing object... 2/12"
"freezing object... 12/12"

what does this mean? my computer freezes during the operation... i hav few polygons in the scene : 38000.

for a rendering test that takes 9 sec to render i gotta wait maybe 5 sec during the "freezing object" process... so i let you imagine for bigger images... :eek:
i though lightwave freezed subpatch object before rendering, not after.... :confused:
my config is : athlon 1.3 Ghz, 700Mo, Geforce2, 40Go at 7200...

please help me i dont understand why it is so long... thank you and excuse my english which is very poor haha...


04-23-2003, 11:50 AM
So you're saying your image viewer pops up with the finished results of the render, THEN it says "freezing object"?????

04-23-2003, 12:13 PM
well here is the way it happens :

1 - i press F9
2 - rendering begins, show rendering in progress window says : "optimizing.... blabla"
3- rendering ends, show rendering in progress is still active, says "abort" or "continue". under the dialog i see my rendered image.
4 - i press "continue" or "abort", and the computer freezes during a short time and layout status bar(not in the rendering dialog) says "freezing object 1/12 ".. etc until it finishes all the objects in the scene.
5 - thats all. everything goes back to normal. i see my rendered image.

so what do you think about that? i dont uunderstand the message in the status bar and i dont understand why my computer freezes during the process... usually, when rendering is done, it's done... layout has nothing do with objects anymore(i mean like optimizing, or freezing)...

pleaze help

thx for answering so fast... and please once excuse my english...


04-23-2003, 12:23 PM
Sorry, I have no idea. Sounds pretty weird.

04-23-2003, 12:42 PM
thnx... no problem... ;)

04-23-2003, 01:24 PM
Actually this is nothing weird.... For displaying objects LW also freezes them - OpenGL can only handle triangles and not subdivs. After rendering LW will always do a full update of the scen buffer and thus redraws everything. You will clearly see this in wireframe mode but I gues you guys have so much graphics power to play around with that you don't care. If it still bothers someone simply set your display subpatch level to 0. BTW Anybody already noticed that the same happens for textures in OpenGL? ;)