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04-18-2005, 04:17 PM
OK,.. I saw this very cool looking plug set posted on flay which seems to offer some outstanding capabilities for LW but I'm not having much luck with the translation.

What really interests me is the motionbuilder info.


04-18-2005, 04:25 PM
from altavista:

With LightWave, the work which is adapted, processes the data of モーションキャプチャ is not proud. In the opposite direction, MotionBuilder5.1 of FiLMBOX has made these jobs proud. In addition, the scene file format FBX of FiLMBOX Import/Export is supported with many tools, joint ownership between the tool of motion and the model has become easy to do.

Using モーションキャプチャ from this, cooperating with the other tool when you work, it is thought that it becomes many to work with MotionBuilder like HUB.

Whether or not here the cooperation with AutomatonRig and MotionBuilder5.1 possibility you verified.

When it procures plug in from below-mentioned WWW, installs 3 functions below are added.

"Export to FBX"

"FBX I n port"

"Merge with FBX"

In addition WWW there is also the demonstration version of MotionBuilder5.1 similarly. Because it seems that is not restriction item, the one which purchase is examined recommends that first demonstration version is tested.

(To tell the truth I testing in demonstration version, it increases, (the ^_^; ) >).