View Full Version : Lightwave 8.2 + DFX+4 bundle for sale

04-18-2005, 09:02 AM
Hi there,

Im selling the well known Lightwave/DFX4 bundle.

You will get Lightwave 7.5 which comes on 2 CDs, Lightwave 8.2 which is a 4 CD pack in a VHS case and the Complete DFX+4 package.
This one consists of the program disk, the Tutorial DVD and two printed hand books.
There is a DUO USB dongle included which will allow to run Lightwave on the MAC and the PC.

Click here to watch a picture of the whole set (http://www.lotuscars.de/lightwave-dfx4.jpg)

The retail price was around 1600 $ If I remeber correctly.
Im asking for 1000 $ only
Payment should be made with PayPal

Just let me know if you are interested...

[email protected]