View Full Version : Screamernet without running LW?

04-15-2005, 10:32 AM
Desktop PC's use a lot of power! I run my LW on golfcart batteries and solar, and rendering is a little bit of a draining experience (not just the time involved). Since my software is tied to a VT card and i wouldn't want to be moving it back and forth from a laptop PCI to the desktop to Toast i am wondering if its possible to render using SN II without running lw at all - i believe its possible using the third method described on a machine with LW installed but not running, however is it possible without LW installed and no dongle???? Possibly my best option is another seat with a dongle - for a laptop PC, but if it can be done i could save cash for other projects. I'm thinking that is the only option ... unless Screamernet performs the rendering without any LW interaction (highly, highly unlikely)

does anybody know?

i plan to get more batteries one day ... and the Intel i855GME desktop board for Pentium M is looking good as they only draw 21watts compared to 150+watts for the P4 - the Ultra low power versions of the chip only draw 5watts! but nonone seems to have them in small quantities ....


04-15-2005, 12:10 PM
ScreamerNet is a seperate program (LWSN.exe). You only need LW to control the render nodes. If you used any of the third party controllers out there (check www.flay.com) you don't need LightWave (or the dongle) at all.

04-15-2005, 01:36 PM
amazing. i looked at dstorms page and one called muster and of course tequilascream - dstorm actually says its for mode three - TScream seems to at least need some LW activities (maybe only initially?) am i missing any others? So LWSN actually does the rendering - the NEWTEK guys are the greatest, (if we could only catch up to those other ones the grate'ies as in grateful deads - what a wonderful world it would be)

This is excellent news. Thank you Matt especially for the response time. Remarkable!