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04-14-2005, 02:41 PM
Sunday, April 17, 2005
1:27 p.m. in Classroom 127

This is a free event!

American River College
4700 College Oak Dr.
Sacramento, CA 95841

Get stretchy & squishy with Lightwave 3D

Instructor: Matthew L. Stoehr
Using Lightwave 3D, you'll have fun creating organic, rigid and scripted animation. Learn animated special effects such as displacement control, joint morphing and others. Get stretchy, get squishy and have fun!

Matthew L. Stoehr is the director and lead artist of the short film, The Lady and the Lion. Matthew has a BFA and MFA in fine arts; having studied contemporary sculpture with an emphasis in ceramics and drawing. His investment with digital media ranges from digital audio manipulation to three-dimensional animation. Matthew teaches all of ARC's Art New Media three-dimensional animation courses.
To sign up, please RSVP: [email protected]