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04-14-2005, 12:03 PM
I am trying to make a high poly mesh that is manipulated with cloth FX contain particles. I am having no luck, so I thought I'd try to clear a few things up.

First here is what I am doing:

I have an object that I am deforming with clothFX. Specifically think of a pipe with thick tar all around the inside edges. I set clothFX up on the inside of the pipe and created an object like a ball and made it a collision object. I ran the ball through the pipe and deformed the inside to open the hole wider. This stuff worked fine except for the fact that I had to build my pipe 5 times to find a poly count that wouldnt give me an out of memory error when I ran ClothFX.

So then after I had that object I saved the .mdd file out. There is "save motion" and "scan motion" I tried both. Perhaps someone could explain what the difference between these is?

Then I loaded the motion so that the ClothFX controls are greyed out. The motion plays in the object.

Now (using polygons in another object (think sprayer with about 15 little holes)
I set these as emitters and set them up to emit particles.
Nozzle: Object-Surface
Interaction: Self - Bounce Interaction- Bounce

Then I went back to the pipe object and added a collision to it.

The effect I am getting is that the points are slightly effected by the pipe, but they easily pop inside the mesh and then again outside the object.

Anyone have any ideas what I might be doing wrong? Or am I just expecting too much out of this tool?

I have realflow, but the headaches it creates makes it not worth using unless lightwave absolutely can't handle it.

Edit: more questions...

Anyone know how the legacy plugins affect the new dynamic properties?
For example FXBrowser>options has a setting for Resolution. How exactly does that effect the dynamics I have set up? Are these (fxbrowser, motiondesigner, fxlinker) supposed to be part of the new dynamics suite? Or are they just still around for old scenes that use them, and odd situations where they might be more useful?