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04-13-2005, 07:21 AM
I am constructing a realistic human head. The problem im having with is the Symmetry. When I mirror the parts using the numeric pannal, perfect across the X axis I have problems. Every thing mirrors correct and the semetry mode still works. Now I run into problems. I cant add anymore geometry while symetry mode is active. I select the points I need to extend (extender) then it crosses all the points and screws it up. So then I try and turn it off and then idependently on one side create what I want then to mirror it. When I mirror it recognizes it as no longer being a perfect symetry. So How do I still create geometry while symetry is on. As far as I know I can only create and then miror. I can only use symetry for draging and editing. Kind of a newbish question??? sry When I am done I will post it.

04-13-2005, 09:03 AM
As you have discovered, Symmetry mode needs to be turned off if you are doing anything that adds new polygons that cross the centreline.

Generally, Extender, Bevel, and Smooth Shift work OK with it turned on, but other tools such as Add Edges & Extrude (which can only work in one direction rather than based on the surface normal of the original) do not.

The only solution is to make your additions with it turned off, mirror them, then turn on symmetry. & avoid doing anything that causes points to cross over the central axis of the model.