View Full Version : HOW TO CREATE PIP DVE'S & render warp files

04-12-2005, 09:11 AM

Does somebody know how to create 2D or 3D DVE's in lightwave 3D. I am trying to create PIP effect with help of DVE craeation kit file I am stucked to this point.

[B]Effects > Processing > NewTek-Image Filter:
Double clicking on the loaded image filter will bring up a file requester to set up the saving of the ‘Warp’ files. You can set up a directory to save the Warp files to in your content directory or in a separate directory. It is recommended that you create directory name as my file name to help reduce any confusion later on when I am ba directory of the same name as that of what you will be naming the DVE. I use my uilding DVEs from a previous nights rendering.

I.E. R:\Warps\1006_MyPush\1006_MyPush

The number of warp files you should end up with in this directory should be double the number of frames in your seen. I.e. Our scene should yield 480 [400] frames. Remember we are using the stereoscopic rendering so we get two rendered frames for every scene frame.

I dont where to change the output path & give warp extension.

I will be verythankful if somebody can help me.